Expert Designs Showcase Renesas and Dialog’s Complementary Portfolios

Renesas and Dialog have officially joined forces, and as an immediate benefit to customers, we are announcing 30 new Winning Combinations. These expert designs showcase both Renesas’ and Dialog’s complementary, and now combined, product portfolios of Embedded Processing, Analog, Power, and Connectivity. With these engineering-vetted designs, customers take advantage of an elevated platform for their design ideas, accelerating the product development cycle and lowering overall risk to bring new designs to market.

What are Winning Combinations?

Winning Combinations are engineering-vetted designs utilizing Renesas’ product portfolio of embedded processing, analog, power, and connectivity. Engineers take advantage of system-level solutions to kick start their designs, accelerating product development, lowering overall risk, and reducing time-to-market. For more information visit:


Founded in 2000, Dialog designs, develops and manufactures power supply control ICs. Dialog delivers improvements in size, cost and efficiency that have previously been unattainable without adaptive digital control technology. The company's patented techniques set a new standard in power supply performance by dramatically reducing component count for lower cost and improved reliability. The Dialog team has made a major breakthrough in power supply control by using digital algorithms to replace traditional analog control solutions. One key aspect of the Dialog design is that AC/DC adapters have become easy to design, debug and manufacture. Dialog is currently working with market leaders in notebook computer, flat panel display and portable device arenas to develop high density, low cost AC/DC power supplies.

Featured Products

Dialog leverages years of experience in digital power management to bring to market world class power conversion products for solid state lighting, off-line AC/DC power supplies. Combining proprietary digital technology with advanced analog and mixed-signal technology, Dialog is leading the way in the next generation of power management. With innovations such as PrimAccurate™ primary-side control to simplify the design of off-line power supplies, and Flickerless™ technology for solid state lighting, Dialog provides cost-effective, highly efficient and space-saving solutions for a wide variety of

PrimAccurate™   Flickerless™  
  • Increased Reliability
  • Smaller Solution Size
  • Low BOM Cost 
  • Eliminates LED Flicker
  • Broadest Dimmer
  • Compatibility 

High Power Factor Correction LEDs

AC/DC Converters

Dialog's AC/DC converter products offer both stand-alone digital controllers and digital controllers with integrated power devices to provide an AC/DC power supply for a wide variety of applications including wall adapters and chargers and off-line LED driving applications for solid state lighting. Dialog's AC/DC products incorporate PrimAccurate™ technology which enables accurate control of a secondary-side voltage from the primary side of an isolated power supply without the need of an opto-isolater, improving reliability, reducing size and lowering total BOM cost.

Dialog's digital control cores further improve performance by enhancing load and line regulation using real-time waveform analysis, offering a superior level of control compared to analog equivalents.

LED Drivers - Solid State Lighting

Dialog's award-winning line of solid-state lighting (SSL) LED drivers uses a digital core to provide the control necessary to convert an AC voltage down to a constant current at a voltage adequate for driving LEDs in applications up to 40W. The SSL product line from Dialog incorporates PrimAccurate™ technology to offer primary-side control of an isolated power supply which is used to drive high brightness LEDs in light bulbs designed to replace incandescent and flourescent lighting. The SSL products also incorporate Dialog's proprietary Flickerless™ technology, preventing flicker while maintaining compatibility with the widest range of existing dimming technology, making Dialog's SSL technology backwards compatible with the installed base of lighting dimmers. 

Product Solution Show Cast

LED Lighting Solution

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