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Using Cyclone10LP device to achieve data recovery of serial communication AC/DC reference board with 24V output
Configurate FPGA via PCIE protocol

±12v insulated power reference board specialized for PLC and FA equipment

Using Cyclone V FPGA for AD9361 configuration High-performance 3 axis MEMS sensor that can be installed with ADcmXL3021 standard mechanical screws
  Latest Switching Regulator Solutions to Reduce Ripple
  CN0410 Small, High Performance LED Driver : A Useful Practical Circuit from ADI
  CN0428 Water Quality Measurement System : A Useful Utility Circuit from ADI
  Caution when supplying power with a long cable
  Insulated SPI controller that can extend up to 100 meters under harsh noise conditions
  PoE controller that can provide both Ethernet and 71.3W power
  Try LTspice -Frequency analysis using "FFT"
  How to reduce input switching noise in the power design of a FPGA board?
  Sequence control and tracking of FPGA power supplies
  Method of Reducing Communication Errors in the I2c Bus
  What is the DC-DC converter "LTC7821" that achieves high efficiency of 97% in the 240W class
  What is the optimum high frequency MEMS acceleration sensor evaluation board for vibration measurement
  Ethernet switch with one chip and multi-protocol support
  Example of Use of Gesture Sensor ADUX1020 - Key Lock Authentication System
  Analog circuit design for IoT with consideration of various analog sensor inputs
  Ultra-low noise 3 axis acceleration sensor for monitoring aging infrastructure
  Easy! Gesture sensor : Run Analog Devices ADUX1020