CS-WSB Wireless SoundBox

Description on basic functions

Regarding the problem of the inconvenient usage of wire speaker products requiring wiring, we have developed this wireless speaker which has achieved wireless transmission of stereo sound. It doesn't require wiring and features flexible use.

receiving_module.gifsending_module.gifWireless speaker composes of sending and receiving modules. It applies 2.4GHz ISM frequency. Sending module samples the audio signal of left and right sound tracks with 44.1KHz/16bit from AD, which will be compressed, coded and packaged with the processing chip, and then send out after modulated with wireless chip. The receiving module receives signal with wireless chip and unpacks the data, corrects the error and decompresses the data with processing chip and then send to DAC driving earphone or amplifier through I2S interface. Sending and receiving module have 8-digit address code (256 addresses) respectively. It can receive corresponding information only when the address is the same. Sending module can automatically select the best sending frequency, and the receiving module will switch the frequency accordingly.


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