Micron Technology, Inc., has established itself as one of the leading worldwide providers of semiconductor memory solutions. Micron's quality memory solutions serve customers in a variety of industries including computer and computer-peripheral manufacturing, consumer electronics, CAD/CAM, telecommunications, office automation, network and data processing, and graphics display.

Featured Products


Accelerate your time-to-market with quality DRAM components—rigorously tested for high reliability in a wide range of applications—from the extreme temperature and performance needs of industrial and automotive applications to the exacting specs of enterprise systems, we have the right solution for your design.

Low Power DRAM

Consumers want more features and functionality from their mobile devices, and you're expected to design it all in with less power, less time, and less space. We understand those design challenges and offer a wide range of Mobile low-power DRAM parts to help you meet them.Our Mobile LPDRAM has the low power consumption, high performance, and wide temperature ranges you need to give your customers greater mobility and longer battery life.


Built on advanced process technologies, our NOR Flash memory enables fast read performance and architectural versatility for today’s diverse application needs. Whether you’re seeking high performance, security options, design simplicity and continuity, or a small form factor, our extensive NOR product offering can deliver the steady supply of reliable NOR solutions that your wireless, embedded, or automotive application requires.

Solid State Drive

Micron RealSSD™ products—ranging from the world class client SSDs to high-performance, low-latency enterprise solutions and cost-effective embedded devices—are changing the way data is stored.

Multichip Packages ( MCP )

We design our high-performance mobile memory solutions to deliver the critical features and functions that your mobile design needs—including some of the smallest, fastest, most power-efficient devices in the industry.

DRAM Module

We build our modules from start to finish—designing, manufacturing, and testing all of the DRAM ourselves before assembling the modules and testing again. So, from high-performance SODIMMs to high-density LRDIMMs, you can depend on the quality and reliability of our devices.

Phase Change Memory (PCM)

Are the constraints of traditional memory architectures holding back your groundbreaking designs? New, revolutionary phase change memory (PCM) merges the best attributes of NOR, NAND, and RAM, offering unprecedented capability in a single, nonvolatile memory chip.

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