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Macnica Cytech received customers' recognition for contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic

Macnica Cytech Limited’s diligent team provided the first priority support of the key component to our medical customer during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to facilitate the production of medical life support equipment. 

Macnica Cytech’s contribution was recognized by customers. The company received awards and trophies from different customers. Macnica Cytech is grateful for customers’ recognition, and is proud to support the front line for fighting against the virus. The company hope to work hand in hand with customers continuously. 

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Macnica Cytech Offers one-stop ODM service

Because of years of product series’ R&D and mass production, Macnica Cytech is experienced in schematic design, PCB production, BOM management and testing, as well as production. The company is also developed in different aspects. It possesses production experience and excellent management team, which could provide professional electronic product ODM service to customers. Macnica Cytech now officially offers one-stop ODM service, and hopes to become customers’ reliable partner.

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Macnica Cytech has been awarded in NAVIGATE 2019, hosted by Tsinghua Unigroup and New H3C Group

Tsinghua Unigroup and New H3C Group hosted NAVIGATE 2019 in Chongqing. An award presentation ceremony was also held during the conference. Macnica Cytech was invited to send representatives to join the event, and the company has been awarded. 

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Macnica Cytech’s reference designs are showcased in Intel FPGA China Innovation Center

The grand opening of Intel FPGA China Innovation Center was held in Chongqing on 19 December 2018. The exhibition hall inside displays designs done by Intel and its partners, with utilization of FPGA. Part of Macnica Cytech’s FPGA reference designs are showcased.


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