Renesas 瑞薩電子

Renesas 瑞薩電子

Expert Designs Showcase Renesas and Dialog’s Complementary Portfolios

Renesas and Dialog have officially joined forces, and as an immediate benefit to customers, we are announcing 30 new Winning Combinations. These expert designs showcase both Renesas’ and Dialog’s complementary, and now combined, product portfolios of Embedded Processing, Analog, Power, and Connectivity. With these engineering-vetted designs, customers take advantage of an elevated platform for their design ideas, accelerating the product development cycle and lowering overall risk to bring new designs to market.

What are Winning Combinations?

Winning Combinations are engineering-vetted designs utilizing Renesas’ product portfolio of embedded processing, analog, power, and connectivity. Engineers take advantage of system-level solutions to kick start their designs, accelerating product development, lowering overall risk, and reducing time-to-market. For more information visit:



  • 交流變頻器/GP 逆變器解決方案
  • 單相電子式電能表
  • 採用 RE01 32 位 MCU 的可穿戴設備
  • 空氣淨化器傳感器模塊
  • 小型工業機器人
  • 步進電機解決方案