Development Kits

ME10 SoC

The ME10 SoC is Macnica’s full-stack AV over IP system on a chip (SoC) transporting HDMI2.0 4K 4:4:4 video, audio and control data over 1GbE networks in a small 23 x 23 mm BGA package. Interoperability and performance are two themes that run through the ME10’s unique design.


MIE SoC Module

Mechatrolink III to EtherCAT graph 3_0.jpg

Macnica Cytech announces a MIE SoC module which transfers Mechatrolink III to EtherCAT Master. The module solves the lack of compatible equipment of Mechatrolink III. It enables quick access to reduce system load. The module also supports multiple I/O device access.


Industrial Camera Module

industrial camera_0.png

A low-cost camera module with high performance. 


EtherCAT Master ASSP Chip Solution

Implementation of EtherCAT’s protocol layer by FPGA logic, through pre-programming


Arria 10 SoC Module Solution: Silic

Arria 10 SOC module solution-Silic.jpg

This is a plug-and-play SoC module. Customer would focus on the development of application and custom logic only. 


EtherCAT Slave + FOC Solution

EtherCAT slave+FOC solution_0.jpg

The solution facilitates customers for quick prototype design.


RF Solution with ADI AD936X and Intel Cyclone V FPGA

The solution would help to shorten the time to market of customers’ products, and reduce the overall development burden.


Cyclone IV GX EasyGX Board


EasyGX is the world first innovative FPGA development board which supports ExpressCard interface. It allows engineers design and debug Cyclone IV GX FPGA on a notebook PC thru EC card slot. With an additional PCIe adapter card, engineers can also plug and play EasyGX into a desktop PC for development.


Cyclone V SoC Helio Board


Helio is starter kit to evaluate latest Cyclone V SoC ARM-based FPGA. It provides rich features and software compatible with Altera SoC development board. Engineers can evaluate Cyclone V SoC with Helio board in an easy, simple, and cost effective way.


Borax SoC Module


Borax SOM is a system on module card integrating Altera® Cyclone® V SoC and necessary memory, power and external interfaces on a very small size card.